Tooth Extraction

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What is Tooth Extraction? 



Tooth extraction, in simple terms, is the medical procedure of fully removing one, two or the required number of natural teeth. Removing the natural teeth may sound frightening but the tooth extraction near you is always done for improving the overall dental health.

Tooth extraction in Watauga from a trusted name like us is chosen by many people to prevent the oral infections and problems from spreading to the other parts of the mouth.

 Being your trusted name, we ensure protecting as many natural teeth as possible; however, we ensure removing the bad ones as well.
You can trust us for a safe, seamless and convenient tooth extraction using the best and advanced techniques without causing any pain or irritation.

The Need of Tooth Extraction


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While you may not want to lose your valuable natural teeth but sometimes it becomes important to go for complete tooth extraction procedure. There can be many different ways that a patient need tooth extraction near you, depending upon the age, oral health, normal health, etc.

In some cases, the removal of one tooth becomes necessary to prevent the need for other more invasive dental procedures. Therefore, it is suggested to only choose reputed and reliable tooth extraction in Watauga like us.


We have our years of experience, advanced technologies and techniques, professional well-qualified dentists, etc. which helps us to stand distinguished from the crowd. Our care and assistance doesn’t end with the dental procedure; rather we ensure offering the required care even after the completion of the entire treatment process.

Our procedure for tooth extraction 

Before finally going for the tooth extraction in Watauga, we make sure to try every possible way for preventing the extraction of your natural teeth. Unless and until, we have no other way to prevent oral problems, we never encourage full tooth extraction process for our patients.

We begin the procedure by using anesthetic to numb the required area for tooth extraction. After the required area is numb, we make use of the special tools and techniques to loosen the infected tooth and lift it. In some cases, sutures may be needed to loosen the infected tooth.

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